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Code Name Price    
BacksplashStone_I44 BACKSPLASH-Cocina-18x24 stone $340.00
BacksplashTile_I44 BACKSPLASH-Cocina-18X24 tile $198.00
BacksplashStone_I55 BACKSPLASH-Abuelita's Table-18x24 stone $340.00
BacksplashTile_I55 BACKSPLASH-Abuelita's Table-18X24 tile $198.00
BacksplashStone_I56 BACKSPLASH-Pan Dulce con Cafe de Olla-18x24 stone $340.00
BacksplashTile_I56 BACKSPLASH-Pan Dulce con Cafe de Olla-18X24 tile $198.00
BacksplashStone_I63 BACKSPLASH-Ventana al Para’so-18x30 stone $390.00
BacksplashTile_I63 BACKSPLASH-Ventana al Para’so-18X30 tile $249.00
Ceramics_13 Carved Goddess Cuatlique Goblet $175.00
Ceramics_14 Carved Lover's Bowl $200.00
Ceramics_24 Carved Footed Large bowl $370.00
Ceramics_25 Footed Calaca bowl $175.00
Ceramics_30 Black and white lidded jar $275.00
Ceramics_35 Carved Calla Lily Vase $350.00
Ceramics_5 Carved Muerto Goblet $175.00
CutBoard_I18 CUTTING BOARDS-The Fruit Vendor-Small $30.00
CutBoard_I19 CUTTING BOARDS-Pan de Muerto-Large $40.00
CutBoard_I22 CUTTING BOARDS-Metate-Large $40.00
CutBoard_I24 CUTTING BOARDS-Green Salsa-Large $40.00
CutBoard_I25 CUTTING BOARDS-Olla-Small $30.00
CutBoard_I26 CUTTING BOARDS-The Color of Flavor-Small $30.00
CutBoard_I34 CUTTING BOARDS-Nopalitos-Large $40.00
CutBoard_I41 CUTTING BOARDS-Pina-Small $30.00
CutBoard_I42 CUTTING BOARDS-Fruta y Limon-Large $40.00
CutBoard_I43 CUTTING BOARDS-Tortillas-Large $40.00

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